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You see and hear hundreds of ads from companies saying they'll settle your  tax debts for "pennies on the dollar".

Internal Revenue Service tax problems can be resolved even if you owe large amounts and even if you haven't filed in years. If you don't take care of the problem, the IRS may file a Federal tax lien, levy your bank account and wages and seize and sell your home, car or business.For the last eight years, we have told you that the Internal Revenue Service has been much more reasonable. Those days are OVER. Even simple payment agreements for relatively small amounts owed have become VERY difficult to obtain. Getting WAGE & BANK LEVIES released has become so difficult that it now takes us 10-12 hours of work instead of the 1-2 hours it usually takes.Ever since the IRS Restructuring & Reform Act was signed into law, the IRS had generally been much more reasonable. However, those days are over. Wage and bank levies and seizures of real estate, cars and businesses have exploded. IRS personnel have become impossible to work with, asking us for as much as 6 months of pay stubs, 6 months of rent expenses and as much as 12 months of medical expenses. Each time we call, we are told of new items we need, all in an attempt to frustrate us and make it more difficult to get wage and bank levies released. Even when we initiate contact with the IRS to setup a payment agreement for a client that DOESN'T have a bank or wage levy, IRS has been completely unreasonable and wants verification of every little expense. It's completely counterproductive and will just cause taxpayers that have been underground for years to stay there.I sincerely believe that more than anything, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman wants everyone to know that he is the tough policeman on the beat and if you don't pay up, he's going to kick your butt until you do.Fortunately, my office and my employees know how to handle difficult situations. When appropriate under the law, we'll file Collection Appeals and Collection Due Process Hearing Requests and Applications for Taxpayer Assistance Orders. Unfortunately, every one of the large tax relief firms has no idea what to do and WILL rob you blind or botch your case terribly. Be VERY, VERY careful of who you hire. Do not expect the IRS to help. They couldn't care less. You'll find lots of information on this site about the worst firms and how to find a good tax negotiation firm including competitors that we respect.e Taxes.com President & Founder Steve Kassel previously served as an IRS Revenue Officer in San Jose, CA. 20 years ago, Steve left the IRS to work for people just like you.Steve testified on Capitol Hill before the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS.That committee's recommendations formed the basis for the historic IRS Reform law. Steve regularly meets with top IRS officials to discuss the changes in the law and how those changes will affect you. Steve was extensively quoted in a front page article in the New York Times. That article made newspapers all across America. Steve was interviewed the following day by Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America. Worth magazine featured an article on the enforcement powers of the IRS in which Steve was the only tax practitioner quoted. Steve also appeared on Fox News The O'Reilly Factor. In some cases you can settle accounts for far less than the total owed (Offer in Compromise). However, you will not get an Offer approved without experienced professional help. Very few Offers are now being accepted. Many of the rejected Offers came from individuals that didn't understand the Offer in Compromise process. However, a considerable number of the rejected Offers came from professional "Offer mills" that submit Offers even though they know they can't possibly be accepted. However, in the vast majority of cases you will resolve your delinquent taxes with an Installment Agreement to pay your taxes over the life of the 10-year statute of limitations. In other cases, you will have the case placed in a Currently Not Collectible status. In ALL cases, we will assist you to do this through VERIFIED and COMPLETED IRS Collection Information Statements. In no case can anyone promise or guarantee that you will have a case settled for less than what you owe until and unless a completed and verified financial statement has been taken.The vast majority of our client's Offers have been accepted and we won't submit an Offer unless we believe it will be accepted. Are you aware that a difference of just $100 on an IRS financial statement results in a difference of $4,800/$6,000 or more in the amount of your Offer? Now, more than ever, you'll need a competent tax professional to help ensure your Offer gets accepted for the least money possible. Please understand that we do not submit a large number of Offers. Why? Because most of our clients do not qualify for an Offer.Some companies that advertise in newspapers and on TV don’t even let you discuss your case with a licensed tax pro until many months after you’ve paid them!! Other companies make illegal cold calls to people with Federal tax liens that have been filed against them. For your own sake, do business only with a licensed tax practitioner (Enrolled Agent, CPA or attorney) that is in compliance with IRS regulations. All of our tax professionals are experienced EA’s. eTaxes.com owner Steve Kassel, has 25 years experience. He was a Revenue Officer for 5 years and an EA for 16 years. By offering specific solutions to tough problems, we can get you through this. E-mail FreeTaxConsultation@eTaxes.com or go to our Free Tax Consultation page. We will take your case only if we can help you. IGNORING THE IRS IS THE WORST THING TO DO. 

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